KMP Three phase horizontal vertical openwell submersible pump in cast iron construction has wide applications in agriculture and domestic segment. Due to numerous advantages over centrifugal pumps these are good replacement for the application. These pumps are ideally suitable for openwells or tanks where there is a wide fluctuation in water level. This pumps works under water and it rests at bottom of well hence suction and priming problem do not arise. There phase vertical openwell submersible pumps are multistage type which helps to increase the head range. The openwell submersible pumps are water lubricated, water lubricated rewindable motor the motor is wound with special water proof insulated winding wires and hence it is capable of withstanding wide voltage fluctuations. Specially designed thrust bearing are used to withstand axial thrust loads with minimum wear.

Power Range 2.0 H.P - 20.0 H.P
Head Range  15 mtrs - 100 mtrs
Discharge 4.0 LPS -  60.0 LPS
Speed 2880 RPM
Power Supply 380 - 415 V , 3 Phase , 50 Hz  AC Supply
Type of Duty S1 ( Continues )


  • Designed for under water application - noneed of priming and foot valve
  • Replaceable wearing parts and hence longer life of pumps.
  • Single shaft for pump and motor exsures permanent correct line alignment safer design to prevent entry of foreign particulars and sand in to the motor.
  • Noise less operation.


  • Industrial water supply.
  • Irrigation of large terms, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems.
  • Water supply in apartments, housing colony`s.
  • Civil water supply. Rural water supply.
  • Public water supply schemes.
  • Agriculture.
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