Single phase openwell submersible pumps are suitable for openwells and underground sumps. These pumps rests at the bottom of the well hence reducing the risk of water level fluctuating problem. There single phase pumps are made of high grade stainless steel body and cast iron parts. The motor portion is a water cooled easily rewindable type, where the windings are made using special insulated copper wires a specially designed thrust bearings are used to withstand axial thrust load. It has a very simple pump portion comprising of a bowl and impeller with a unique hydraulic design to provide a high efficient performance there horizontal single phase openwell pumps are of single stage type with a single impeller and a bowl.

Power Range0.5HP-2.0 HP
Installation methodHorizontal
Power Supply1 Phase 230 V AC
3 Phase 415 V AC
Pump Outlet Size25 mm , 31 mm  , 40 mm , 50 mm
ImpellersS.S  202
Max. Start /  Hour6
Type of DutyContinues
Head Range10 mtrs - 35 mtrs
Discharge8.5 LPS -  3.0 LPS
It save 20 to 30% of electricity bill compare to convention design pump.
Noise free operation since immured inside water
Less maintenance due to simple design and low depth installation.
No priming / suction problems.
Single shaft for pumps and motor ensure perfect alignment always.
Designed to with stand wide voltage fluctuation hence less possibility of burn out of motor winding.
Water supply for domestic use in high rise apartments, building and hotels.
Clean water handling application
Drip and sprinkler irrigation
Fountains and gardening
Fire fighting application.
Commonly used in wells, sumps etc.,